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Get your audit-defensible 409A valuation from LTSE Equity. Our process is safe, trusted, and transparent, so you can confidently begin awarding stock options.

I love conducting cap table diagnostics for a smoother 409A valuation.
ANASHe barton
Senior Manager of Customer Success, LTSE Equity

Free with select plans

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Receive a free, annual 409A valuation as a Boost subscriber. Additionally, you’ll receive an annual cap table diagnostic, access to full cap table management with unlimited stakeholders, five hours of expert consulting on funding, legal, and governance strategies, and a whole lot more.


All of our providers have successfully defended 409As in front of the Big Four and the SEC.


Our valuation providers serve over 25,000 startups a year.

Available for all stages

We serve high-growth, venture-funded companies from seed to M&A and IPO.

Personal service

Access to your dedicated valuation analyst. Discuss needs and iterate on your 409A report.

Domain knowledge

Whether it’s AI/ML, big data, cryptocurrency or Biotech, our provider brings a range of expertise to understand your business.

Preferred pricing

We’ve done the negotiating for you to lock in leading rates for LTSE Equity customers.
3 simple steps

Easy and stress-free

LTSE Equity Boost customers get a valuable perk - a complimentary 409A valuation annually. This service provides peace of mind and ensures your stock options are priced fairly and accurately.
Step One

Set up, migrate, or update your cap table

Receive an annual 409A valuation as part of an LTSE Equity Boost plan. Additionally, you’ll receive an annual cap table diagnostic, full cap table management with unlimited stakeholders, and more.
Step Two

Fill out the questionnaire

In addition to your equity data, your valuation analyst needs a high-level understanding of your business and your market.

To make this easy, we provide a questionnaire where you can fill in your company information and upload a few standard documents.

If you'd like us to walk you through the questionnaire, we can do that too.
Step Three

Review and approve the 409A report

After you submit your 409A request with equity and questionnaire data, your valuation analyst will schedule a kickoff call to discuss valuation models.

Your analyst will then submit a draft 409A report in a few days. You can ask questions and iterate on the report with your analyst.

Once you’re happy you can submit the 409A report to your Board of Directors for approval.

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