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Experiment with 3 key factors that affect how much your stock option grant at a startup might be worth upon exit (when the company is acquired or IPOs).

Not sure how to calculate your percent ownership?

What are your employee or advisor options worth?

TLDR Stock Options was built to help employees and advisors understand the high-level potential value of stock options at a company's exit and to more fully learn about the factors that will affect their equity's value over time.

If you end up taking the offer, your startup will want to use a tool like LTSE Equity to manage stock options and stock option planning.

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Assumptions & Averages

Profitable exit threshold
Number of future rounds
Valuation inflation per round
Average number of years until exit
Percentage of startups that have a “low exit”
Percentage of startups that have no exit

How do I calculate the % ownership? 

Not all equity offers come in percentages. Often, you'll receive your offer in number of shares at the company and with a particular strike price.

Curious how to calculate your percentage ownership? Check out a resource from law firm, Cooley, on fully diluted shares to help calculate your percentage of equity.

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