Experts, for Series A, B, C+ founders, one click away.

From optimizing your cap table ahead of meetings with the board and investors to strategizing fundraising solutions for Series A, B, and C+ founders, LTSE Equity gives you direct access to an experienced team of experts who can help guide your startup journey.

LTSE Equity experts provide:

  • Fundraising readiness and startup advice
  • Cap table health checks and audit‒defensive 409A preparation
  • Financing strategies (tax, liquidity, funding options, and more)
  • Advice on how to keep your sales team motivated.
Tiho Bajic, serial founder and CEO for LTSE Equity

“Today's fundraising environment is more difficult for series A and B+ founders than ever before. The startup journey can be daunting, especially when you’re trying to raise rounds. As a serial founder, I can relate. That’s why I’ve helped hundreds of startups think strategically about fundraising and long-term growth.”

Tiho Bajic

CEO, LTSE Equity

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"Designing an equity plan that delivers true value to your employees is a critical piece of aligning their interests with the long-term success of the company. Part of that process is ensuring that there are realistic liquidity options that work for both the company and the employee. Over the past 12 years, I have helped companies run transactions that allowed over 50,000 employees to receive partial liquidity from their equity and have seen first hand how it can drive alignment across the entire employee base. It’s never too early to make sure that your plan is designed for future success and our team is here to help you on that journey."

Ryan Logue

Head of Private Market Solutions for LTSE Services

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"I’m passionate about helping founders energize their sales teams by streamlining tactics, methodologies, and processes to fuel revenue growth."

Catherine Freeland

Head of Sales, LTSE Equity

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"I like to set up that annual cap table health check to make sure that everything is up to date on a client's cap table, so they're ready to go in prepared for conversations with their board or their investors."

Anashe Barton

Senior Manager of Customer Success, LTSE Equity, and experienced paralegal

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