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Diversifying how you increase runway in 2023 with iFundWomen and Bridge Bank

About the event

Navigating the funding landscape in 2022 was difficult for many, and 2023 is looking to be a similar journey. As founders try to manage their sources of cash and runway, we are bringing together perspectives from grants, debt, and more to give you a more holistic view of options to explore in 2023.

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​Karen Cahn, CEO of IFundWomen

​Karen Cahn is the Founder & CEO of IFundWomen, the platform where women entrepreneurs go to make money. Since its founding, IFundWomen has empowered its members to raise $278M in early-stage capital and to create 55,000 new jobs, helping fuel the small businesses economy. Named to Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Female Founders of 2020 and The City and State of New York’s Most Responsible CEOs of 2020, Karen is a business activist redefining what creating equity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem means. Before founding IFundWomen, Karen held senior leadership roles at Google, YouTube, and Aol. Karen holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, double majoring in African-American Studies and US History. You can find her on the socials @karencahn

​Laurence Sherman, Senior Director (Technology Banking Group) at Bridge Bank

​Laurence is currently the Senior Director in Bridge Bank’s Technology Banking Group. In his role, he has managed teams in San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest for past 6 years. Prior to Bridge Bank, he's worked for 17 years in lending/banking across three banks and one private fund. He currently holds a B.A. in Business Economics at University of California Santa Barbara.

​Moderator: Natalie Riso, Partnerships at LTSE

​Natalie leads partnerships at LTSE and the marketing/operations of the Open Cap Table Coalition. Started by Lean Startup author, Eric Ries, LTSE builds capital market infrastructure and software for the next generations of iconic companies.

​Prior to joining LTSE, Natalie led global partnerships and content marketing at 500 Global, one of the most active early-stage VC firms globally. She also made a name for herself in the world of online content, and in 2015, she was the youngest recipient of Linkedin's Top Voice award, going on to cultivate an audience of over 400,000 around entrepreneurship, social impact, and leadership. Natalie has been featured for her marketing work in Inc., AdWeek, Vice, Cosmopolitan, and more.