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Fireside Chat: Jeremy Almond (Paystand) and Tiho Bajic (LTSE Equity)

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​Thank you to all that have joined us for a fireside chat featuring industry innovator, Jeremy Almond, CEO of Paystand, and Tiho Bajic, CEO of LTSE Software. We have explore the need for entrepreneurs in B2B FinTech and the challenges in building in FinTech, including some of the biggest hurdles Paystand has had to face during its growth. Enter your details below to view the webinar in full for free!

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Jeremy Almond, Co-founder and CEO of Paystand

​Jeremy Almond is Cofounder and CEO of Paystand. Almond founded Paystand in 2014 and today the fintech startup is the world’s largest B2B network running on a commercial blockchain. An acknowledged industry expert in blockchain and payments technology, he co-hosts ReDeFined, a new podcast focusing on real stories of the blockchain and the future of finance. With Paystand, he is leading the B2B DeFi movement and rebooting the commercial finance industry.

​In August 2022, Paystand acquired LATAM-based Yaydoo, enabling the company to reach unicorn status. In 2022 for the third straight year, Paystand was named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies.

​Prior to Paystand, Almond spent 15 years as a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor, coaching SMBs and large companies on how to be successful with quicker access to capital. He has helped dozens of B2B companies drive adoption of digital commerce, and is still an active board member at a number of fintech companies. Almond holds a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering from the University of California and a master’s in business from the University of Massachusetts.

Tiho Bajic, CEO of LTSE Software

​Tiho is a serial product builder and is passionate about tools that help people work smarter. Prior to joining LTSE, he served as the CTO at Nitro, a smart document productivity company. In 2008, Tiho was a founding engineer at Rypple, a social performance management platform later acquired by Salesforce. Tiho started his career as a software engineer at Workbrain, where he participated in its IPO on TSX. He is the founder of Serbian Entrepreneurs, which fosters the entrepreneurial ecosytem in Serbia. He earned his Hon B.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Toronto.