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A powerful platform for all your equity needs

LTSE Equity is a complete cap table solution for planning, managing and collaborating on startup equity.

Quick onboarding

Get started quickly with a choice of self-guided or concierge onboarding.

Complete stock plan solution

Issue options and manage your employee stock option plan accurately and with ease.

Model future scenarios

See how a future financing round or company acquisition impacts you and your team.

Sharing and data portability

Import or export your equity data in common formats.

Compliance and reporting

Monitor and meet your startup’s regulatory requirements.

Save time and money

Spend less time on equity management, and more time building your company.

Onboard in minutes

LTSE Equity gets you up and running quickly. Select from either self-service or concierge onboarding when you sign-up.

Self-service onboarding

Fast self-onboarding for simple cap tables or migration from another service. Add your data manually, or bulk upload via a template.

Concierge onboarding

Want expert help or don't have the time to get set up yourself? Concierge onboarding gets you up and running quickly for a one-time fee.

Just add Concierge Onboarding when you sign up.

Manage your stock plan

Rewarding multiple stakeholders—like employees and advisors—shouldn't cost you more. Get a 409A valuation, track vesting, and issue stock options all for one monthly price. We place no limits or charge extra fees for adding stakeholders.

Outstanding options

700,000 (50.00%)

Admin dashboard

Manage your option pool, option plans, and individual option grants from one dashboard.

Monitor overall option plan vesting and option pool utilization.
Maintain accurate records and a complete document respository for reporting and due diligence.

Stock options issuance

Save time and legal fees by issuing and managing stock options in the cloud.

Select standard or custom vesting schedules including milestone-based vesting.
Save approx $500 each time in legal fees when you issue stock options digitally.

Guided workflows

The option plan administration features you need, all on one digital platform.

Exercise options into stock, and pause vesting for leave of absence.
Track exercise windows after employee departures.


Support employees at scale. Employees can access their own stock option paperwork and track their own vesting.

Select standard or custom vesting schedules including milestone based vesting.

Perform common option plan administration tasks, all on one digital platform.


“LTSE Equity gives me full confidence that my cap table is up-to-date for me, my employees, my investors, legal and finance teams. It lets me focus on planning for the future. LTSE Equity is a must for any scaling company.”

Daniel Kivatinos

COO and Co-founder, DrChrono

Financing and exit modelling

Our visual scenario modeler brings your future cap table to life—like how SAFEs will convert at Series A, or how a future financing round might dilute existing shareholders.

Explore how SAFEs and notes convert at a priced round

Visualize how existing or future SAFEs and convertible notes convert across a range of priced round valuations and deal terms.

Model how liquidation preferences impact exit proceeds

Model how liqudation preferences might impact your earnings when you sell your company

Get smart on deal terms for negotiation

Understand what you are signing and what terms to negotiate on. Cap tables are complex, and the impact of deal terms can be hard to predict.

Accuracy with confidence

We model all popular convertible security types and priced round deal terms. Our math is validated and maintained in partnership with the leading startup law firms and startup accelerators.

Sharing and data portability

Control who sees what while enabling seamless collaboration with your internal team, lawyers, and accountants.

Access control

Control what level of detail each person you invite to your cap table can view or modify.

Data security

Keep your company equity data safe. Avoid the version control, access control and security issues of sharing via email.


Share selectively with your internal team, admins, employees, investors, and other service providers.

Data Portability

Your cap table data belongs to you.

We want you to keep using LTSE Equity because you get value, not because we make it hard to move your data. We support common cap table import and export formats.

Compliance and reporting

Catch and fix mistakes before they become expensive. Get reporting and audit done in days not weeks. Our features make it easy to meet regulatory requirements and provide data to 3rd parties.

Audit log

See who changed what when via our detailed audit log of all cap table data additions or modifications.


See summary statistics and line-by-line security ledgers. Report on specific time periods, and identify missing documents.

Rule 701 analysis

Stay under the SEC registration limit with Rule 701 analysis.

Intelligent compliance

Catch mistakes and ensure compliance with intelligent monitoring and alerting of key regulatory issues.

On a singular mission to help companies thrive

LTSE creates capital market infrastructure focused on companies and their impact with employees, shareholders, and society.

LTSE Equity

Build better foundations

The platform to help companies achieve strategic, long-term growth from founding to IPO.

LTSE Exchange

Reach greatness at scale

The exchange designed to offer companies a public market option focused on innovation and value creation.