Building a startup is tough. Thankfully, you don't have to do it alone.

LTSE Equity was built by founders, for founders. The result is a powerful platform for planning, managing, and collaborating on your startup's equity. But that isn't all. With LTSE Equity you never have to go it alone. We're with you every step of the way as your startup scales and grows.

LTSE Equity offers the features startups need across their complete journey.
Tiho Bajic
CEO, LTSE Equity
Everything you need and more

Unlock your startup's potential

Manage your stock plan

  • Admin dashboard. Manage your option pool, option plans, and individual option grants from one dashboard.
  • Stock option issuance. Select standard or custom vesting schedules including milestone-based vesting.
  • Exercising options. Exercise options into stock or pause vesting for leave of absence. Track exercise windows after employee departures.

Financing and exit modeling

  • Model fundraising rounds. Visualize how existing or future SAFEs and convertible notes convert across a range of priced round valuations and deal terms.
  • Model exits. Model how liquidation preferences might impact your proceeds when you sell your company.
  • Get smart on deal terms. Understand what you are signing and what terms to negotiate on.

Sharing and data portability

  • Access control. Control what level of detail each stakeholder you invite to your cap table can view or modify.
  • Data security and privacy. Keep your company equity data safe. Avoid the version control, access control, and security issues of sharing via email.
  • Collaboration. Share selectively with your internal team, admins, employees, investors, and other service providers.

Compliance and reporting

  • Audit log. See who recorded entries and who authorized them and when via our detailed audit log of all cap table data additions or modifications.
  • Reporting. See summary statistics and line-by-line security ledgers. Report on specific time periods, and identify missing documents.
  • Rule 701 analysis. Stay under the SEC registration limit with Rule 701 analysis.

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