What does a 409A mean for your startup?

Founders like you routinely seek 409A valuations for their startups. Here’s why.

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Tiho Bajic

CEO, LTSE Equity

409A. Your startup's
first line of defense.

A 409A valuation by an independent third party determines your startup's fair market value, making it a critical prerequisite for providing equity-based compensation to your employees. It can even grant your startup "safe harbor" defensibility against inspection, litigation, and penalties from the IRS.

When will you need a 409A valuation?


  • Issuing your first common stock options
  • A material event
  • An IPO


  • A round of venture financing
  • A significant event
  • 12 months

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LTSE Equity leverages 409A valuation providers that serve over 25,000 startups a year to offer you a defensible 409A at preferred pricing.
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