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Build a cap table in minutes with LTSE Equity—one that you’ll be proud to share.

Over 36,000 founders trust LTSE Equity for all their cap table needs.

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Goodbye spreadsheets.

Build and manage your cap table the right way, right away, with LTSE Equity.
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Start like a pro.

Learn how to build your cap table from our in-house cap table experts, or opt for self-service onboarding. The choice is yours.

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One platform, all stages.

From pre-seed to Series A, B, and C, LTSE Equity empowers your growth every step of the way.

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Built for long-term goals.

See how financing rounds or an acquisition could impact your company with our visual scenario modeler.

Power to the founder.

Build your cap table, manage your startup’s equity, and complete your 409A valuation in one easy-to-use platform.
A single source of truth
A single source
of truth
Personalized 409A valuation service
Personalized 409A
valuation service
Compliance and reporting
Compliance and
One intuitive dashboard
One intuitive

Pricing & Plans

3 choices. Every startup stage. One powerful platform.
a month
no annual commitment
Everything that early-stage startups need to manage their equity.
Get started
Only for companies with up to 10 stakeholders and under $1M raised.
Live-guided onboarding
Annual cap table health check
Unlimited users and securities
Digital stock issuance
Financing and exit modeling
Sharing and collaboration
Reporting and data export


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a month
annual term
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Advanced cap table management, including issuance, modeling, stock option plans, sharing, etc.
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Unlimited users and securities
Advanced reporting
Annual cap table health check
Exit modeling with waterfall analysis
Cap table activity audit log
Priority customer support
Automatic error audits
Stock class and plan amendments
Stock plan document sets
Options issuance with integrated eSignature
409A valuation available separately


a month
annual term
Fundamentals plan, with annual 409A, additional compliance, and reporting features.
Get started
Annual 409A valuation
Unlimited stakeholders
Annual cap table health check
Rule 701 analysis
Advanced reporting
Unlimited audit log history
High-priority customer support

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