LTSE Equity simplifies fundraising for founders

Here's why founders like you use LTSE Equity to choose the right fundraising vehicle, manage equity, and beyond.

Created by founders, for founders.

“As a founder myself, I know all too well that managing fresh funding can be more chaotic than the fundraising process itself. That’s why with LTSE Equity, we’re here to ease your burden by being your partner and advisor in all equity matters.”

Tiho Bajic

CEO, LTSE Equity

Raise your startup to prosper and endure.

LTSE Equity helps you cut through the complex math of equity to focus on what comes after fundraising—raising your startup.

Team up with the pros.

Equity management can be complex, but we’re with you every step of the way. Our cap table experts provide live guidance to help you take full advantage of LTSE Equity.

Your complete equity management solution.

Manage every form of equity with accurate cap tables. Generate legal documents to issue stock with our end-to-end stock issuance system. All on a robust yet intuitive platform.

Turn calculations into informed decisions.

Want to pick the optimal fundraising vehicle and negotiate the right terms? Our visual scenario modeler lets you understand the mechanics and impact of a funding round, and more.
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Power to the founder.

LTSE Equity empowers visionaries like you with the tools and counsel your startup needs to prosper and endure.
Robust and intuitive features
Detailed reporting and compliance
High shareability and data portability
Powerful visual scenario modeler

Founder-Friendly Plans

Maximum power meets maximum value.

With Boost, you’ll get the best value and crucial features for all of your startup’s fundraising and financial management needs. Just starting out?
Our free Basic plan has everything you need.
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Our best value for founders who are ready to take off
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High-priority customer support
Annual 409A valuation
Unlimited stakeholders
Annual cap table health check
Rule 701 analysis
Advanced reporting
Fundraising readiness review
Form 3921 readiness
Document analysis
5 hours of consulting on funding
Unlimited exit modeling and waterfall analysis
Unlimited audit log history


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Best before your first priced round and external board
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Digital stock issuance
Financing and exit modeling
Sharing and collaboration
Reporting and data export
Scenario modeling
Options issuance with integrated eSignature
Annual cap table health check
409A valuation available separately
Included in all plans: LTSE core package: equity admin, modeling & analysis, stakeholder relations, support. Learn more.

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