Important update for LTSE Equity customers

Dear LTSE Equity Customers,

We would like to share some important news regarding your cap table management. We have created a partnership with Astrella and will be offering you the option for Astrella by Equiniti to become your cap table provider.

We have a nearly four-year working history with the team and know that they will be a great solution for our customers. Astrella will honor our customers' payment terms through your annual renewal date. You’ll have a new login portal, but Anashe Barton will still be your point of contact. Anashe will be joining the Astrella team and will be available to help with your transition to Astrella and to support you going forward.

Our dedicated support team remains committed to making this transition seamless for you. In order to transfer to Astrella and ensure no service interruptions, you will need to opt-in on your company’s LTSE Equity account by January 31, 2024. Once you do, we'll proactively reach out in the coming weeks with detailed information on your specific transition. We’ve developed FAQs to answer some of the questions you may have. 

We appreciate your trust in LTSE Equity and look forward to the possibilities Astrella brings to your equity management needs. For immediate assistance, contact If you would like to speak with the team at Astrella, please reach out to Jayne Taylor at

Thank you for your continued partnership.


The LTSE Equity Team

Further Questions?

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