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By founders, for founders. LTSE Equity is an equity management platform designed to empower companies of every size, from early-stage startups to Series A, B and C+.

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Build a cap table in minutes—one that you’ll be proud to share.
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  • Choose between a guided onboarding experience or an easy-to-follow checklist.
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  • With our visual scenario modeler.
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One intuitive dashboard to rule them all. With LTSE Equity, you can effortlessly:
  • Create and manage your cap table
  • Issue and monitor stock options
  • Align to regulatory requirements
  • Get annual cap table health checks
  • Have a single source of truth
All in one easy-to-use platform fit for startups at any stage.
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409A valuation?
Leave it to us.

With LTSE Equity, you can work with industry-specific analysts from multiple 409A providers to get an audit-defensible 409A valuation.
  • Dedicated valuation analyst
  • Ironclad audit defensibility
  • Decades of experience
  • Available for all stages
  • Versatile domain knowledge
  • Preferred pricing
It’s all-inclusive when you partner with us, so don’t delay your 409A valuation.
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Fast-track your startup.

LTSE Equity simplifies the complexity of equity management, freeing up your team to innovate and drive long-term value.
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Grow with the support of top VCs, law firms, and 409A providers.

The LTSE Equity ecosystem helps you manage your company’s equity and grow long-term value.

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With Boost, you’ll get the best value and crucial features for all of your startup’s fundraising and financial management needs. Just starting out?
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  • Digital stock issuance
  • Financing and exit modeling
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Reporting and data export
  • Scenario modeling
  • Options issuance with integrated eSignature
  • Annual cap table health check
  • 409A valuation available separately
LTSE core package: equity admin, modeling & analysis, stakeholder relations, support.

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“LTSE Equity is what innovative law firms need to serve their clients more efficiently, allowing us at Orrick to manage hundreds of cap tables in a way that is more accurate and secure than emails and spreadsheets.”
Partner, Orrick
“We trust LTSE Equity to help YC startups model the ownership impact of SAFEs and be prepared for Demo Day.”
Kirsty Nathoo
Partner, CFO, Y Combinator
“We've been using LTSE Equity and Fast409A since our early days and through our acquisition by Opendoor. It was easy to get onboarded, and we found Captable’s scenario modeling tools very useful for planning ahead.”
Alex Farrill
Founder & CTO, Open Listings (YC W15)
“Investors need cap table accuracy and transparency. I recommend LTSE Equity to save time and get cap tables right.”
Jack Rothacher
Director of Finance & Operations, Obvious Ventures

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