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Founders like you are leaving Carta behind to grow with LTSE Equity in unprecedented numbers. Here’s why.

"I compared LTSE with Carta and I found that for our Seed stage startup, LTSE was nearly 1/3 cheaper, with nearly identical features. I would pick LTSE over Carta again and again."
CEO of Reality Platforms
Boost user
“The LTSE team was outstanding. They made switching seamless and now we have a good foundation on the LTSE Equity platform. The value of the product is outstanding."
Co-founder and CEO of Better & Better
Boost user
“We have that helping hand at LTSE Equity that is directly impactful. It just feels like we’re working together as a team, as opposed to reaching out into a black box of customer service.”
Operations Manager at PostHog
Fundamentals user
"Managing your own cap table is not for the faint of heart. There are so many additional complex steps and documents I was not aware of. That’s been the biggest eye-opener of this process. The people at LTSE Equity were really good at guiding me through that, knowing what we did or didn’t need, and providing resources."
CFO of The Feed
 Boost user
“The way LTSE is mission-driven is absolutely important, because that’s what actually drives you to get up in the morning and go do this difficult thing. I see both Paystand and LTSE as parts of a rising tide — hopefully transforming how financial services are done.”
Founder and CEO of Paystand
Boost user

High-value features,
low entry barriers

Smooth Migration & Onboarding

Whether you’re migrating from another platform or just getting started, LTSE Equity’s in-house cap table experts help you start building cap tables within minutes.

Carta’s onboarding process may take up to 90 days to complete.

Transparent Pricing

You’ve no doubt heard horror stories of Carta users overpaying for surprise renewal rate hikes and hidden fees.

Don’t worry. LTSE Equity’s plans are startup friendly—transparent and affordable. We’re here to empower visionaries like you as your startup grows in size and capital.

Veteran 409A Network

409A valuations require high technical and domain expertise. As such, 409As by Carta’s in-house team take longer to complete and may not offer the protection your startup needs.

With LTSE Equity, you can work with dedicated analysts from multiple 409A providers and have a defensible 409A and safe harbor status in 3 easy steps.

Free Annual Cap Table Health Check

A cap table’s quality has the power to win over or scare away investors, that’s why LTSE Equity offers annual cap table health checks across all plans—so you’ll have complete trust in your cap table.

Carta’s cap table health checks are limited to select clients.

Effortlessly Exportable

LTSE Equity is compliant with the standards set in the Open Cap Table Coalition for full metadata export in portable data formats.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that Carta cap tables are not easily exportable.

Over 40,000 founders trust LTSE Equity for long-term equity management


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  • Digital stock issuance
  • Financing and exit modeling
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Reporting and data export
  • Scenario modeling
  • Options issuance with integrated eSignature
  • Annual cap table health check
  • 409A valuation available separately
LTSE core package: equity admin, modeling & analysis, stakeholder relations, support.

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