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Accurately visualize the impact of your financing decisions and consult with our team of founders and investors.

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Our math is carefully maintained in partnership with Techstars.

Navigate around the most notorious equity pitfalls with us.

Pre-visualize your SAFEs to avoid over-dilution.

Over-dilution of convertible notes and SAFEs can quickly sneak up on you. With our visual scenario modeler, you can stay ahead by projecting potential dilution and negotiating your valuations wisely.

Optimize your option pool to avoid exhausting your team.

Option pool sizing is a delicate balancing act that, without careful planning, can put a significant strain on your startup. But don’t worry—you can use our free visual tool to help keep your pool just large enough for your staffing plans.

Minimize the chaos with multiple financing instruments.

Stacked notes with different terms can be a complex beast to untangle. On top of standardizing terms across different notes, you can also use LTSE Equity to visualize how every financing instrument stacks and converts together.

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Explore our full-featured demo now, or send us your spreadsheet to receive a personalized free cap table with your details pre-onboarded within 1 week.
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Let us help you get started.

Send us your spreadsheet to receive a personalized free cap table with your details pre-onboarded within 1 week.
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