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For founders who are just getting started on their journey
Up to 10 stakeholders or $1 million raised
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As an LTSE Equity customer on any of our plans, you will receive the following benefits

Equity administration

Single source of truth cap table
Certificate-free and digital 
certificate issuance
Equity plan management
Safe & convertible security management
Financial transactions

Modeling & Analysis

Financing round modeling
Stakeholder demographics
Convertible security calculator
Equity plan vesting, exercise & balance analytics
Financial transactions

Stakeholder relations

Self-service portal with real-
time holdings
Self-service record update
Data room
Granular access and permission control

Support, users & data portability

Unlimited securities
Unlimited team seats
Unlimited document storage
Full meta-data export in portable data formats (Open Cap Table)

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Included in all plans: LTSE core package: equity admin, modeling & analysis, stakeholder relations, support
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1-day SLA
Knowledge base
Annual 409A valuation
Your audit-defensible 409a valuation follows a process that is safe, trusted, and transparent, so you can confidently begin awarding stock options. LTSE Equity is the only platform that allows you to work with dedicated analysts from multiple 409A providers.
Annual cap table health check
Rule 701 analysis
Issue equity awards without U.S. federal security registration and disclosure requirements. Stay under the SEC limit.
Form 3921 readiness
Advanced reporting
Document audit
5 hours of expert consulting on funding, legal, and governance strategies
Equity administration
Bulk security conversion
Options Issuance with Integrated E-Signature
Stock class and plan amendments
Add multiple stakeholders
Modeling & Analysis
Exiting modeling with waterfall analysis
# of Stakeholders
Up to 10
Guided onboarding
Learn how to build your cap table. Work with LTSE Equity Customer Success team members who can guide you through setting up your cap table.
Self-service onboarding
With an easy-to-follow checklist and self-service onboarding, our platform will help you build a cap table you will be proud to share.


Our cap table experts are here to guide you through the process, or you can handle it all yourself. The choice is yours.
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PostHog saves over $20k in legal fees and 13+ weeks of work.

“LTSE gives people the ability to choose how many options they want to exercise, understand the associated costs, and proceed without the back-and-forth paperwork. It just saves so much time and money for us.”

- Grace McKenzie, Operations Manager at PostHog
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