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Taking a startup from seed to series is no easy feat. With countless factors to consider and balance, including fundraising, networking, recruiting, and equity management, many founders often find themselves overwhelmed by the experience. 

Helping founders with these tasks is precisely what equity management software is designed to do. However, with an abundance of options available, the question remains: where do you even begin?

Read on to discover more about two of the most popular solutions—Pulley and Carta—and delve deeper into their features and capabilities.

First things first—what is equity management software?

Also known as cap table software, equity management software enables founders to streamline various processes. These includes cap table maintenance and equity issuance, throughout their startup journey, starting from Demo Day and extending all the way to an initial public offering (IPO).

Pulley, known for their unwavering commitment to simplicity and functionality, is one such example. Although they’re a relative newcomer on the market,),they are rapidly making a name for themselves due to their intuitive UI.

Similarly, Carta is another great example. Loved by even the largest of organizations, the sheer functionality offered by their software is unparalleled, albeit it does come with a hefty price tag.

Things to consider when choosing equity management software

As you browse through the many choices available today, keep these questions in mind to help you zero in on your ideal software.

Easy to use

Is it easy to use?

When evaluating cap table software options, ensure your solution of choice is user-friendly. Look for software that offers an intuitive interface, allowing you to take advantage of complex functions with ease without feeling bogged down.

Scale and grow your startup

Will it scale with your startup’s growth?

A good solution should be able to scale alongside your startup as you onboard new investors, advisors, and employees. Without scalability, you’d be forced to look for a new solution time and time again.

Provide support when you encounter issues

Will there be support for you when you encounter issues?

Equity management is no walk in the park so your solution shouldn’t leave you feeling alone. Choose an option that offers invaluable customer service and resources as opposed to something that only offers functions and features.

Independent professionals advisors available

Does it come with independent professional advisors?

To minimize risks and ensure compliance, choose cap table software that connects you with independent professional advisors. This allows you to easily obtain expert guidance for key appraisals like 409A valuations.

Fit reporting and compliance needs

Will it address your reporting and compliance needs?

A good solution should focus not just on functionality but compliance with the law. It should provide timely notifications for regulatory updates and assist you in accurately maintaining your cap table where possible.

Scenario modeling

Does it come with scenario modeling?

Make better decisions when signing and negotiating terms in your fundraising rounds or exit. A good equity management software should help you visualize how your current or upcoming convertible notes and SAFEs convert in scenario modeling.

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Pulley vs Carta


  • Onboarding: Pulley’s rapid onboarding process allows startups to get up and running as soon as possible.
  • Cap table checks: While not available to all startups, Carta’s cap table health checks help minimize potential headaches in the long run.
  • Superior support: Carta’s staggering range of resources and excellent customer support team ensure no founder feels left behind.
  Pulley Carta
Onboarding Onboarding can take up to 10 days. Onboarding may take up to 90 days to complete.
Cap Table Health Check Pulley does not offer cap table health checks. Carta restricts the availability of its cap table health check to specific clients.
409A Valuation Pulley offers annual subscriptions starting at $3,500 per year, which provide two valuation reports. Carta conducts its 409A valuations internally, which may result in longer processing times.
Expert Consultation Pulley boasts a highly responsive customer support team to ensure prompt assistance for its users. Carta frequently hosts educational webinars and offers a wealth of resources on their website.
Sharing & Data Portability Pulley’s cap tables are not easily exportable. Carta’s cap tables are not easily exportable.

Why LTSE Equity?

By founders, for founders, LTSE Equity was designed from the ground up based on real-life experiences and expertise. We ensure our solution is powerful, affordable, and ultimately suitable for all startups, no matter how big or small.

TL;DR? LTSE Equity might just be the platform you’re looking for if you need:

  • Swift onboarding: With LTSE Equity, startups can start importing data and creating cap tables within minutes.
  • Unrestricted cap table health check: Cap table health checks are essential for startups looking to stay on the right side of the law which is why LTSE Equity offers unrestricted access across all plans.
  • Stock option issuance: Create legal documents and issue certificates with ease thanks to LTSE Equity's end-to-end stock issuance system.

LTSE Equity FAQs

What makes LTSE Equity different from other platforms?

LTSE Equity is created by founders, for founders. Our full suite of equity management features reflects our real-life experience and insights, empowering your startup to prosper and endure.


How much does LTSE Equity cost?

Our pricing is strictly founder-friendly and scales as you grow. Our plans are also completely transparent, with no hidden costs or surprise price hikes.


Does LTSE Equity provide a free trial or demo?

Yes! Dive into our full-featured demo now and discover every benefit LTSE Equity has to offer—no sign-ups required.


How can I switch to LTSE Equity?

Simply send us your current spreadsheet or cap table, and we’ll get your details onboarded within a week.


How can I ask more questions about LTSE Equity?

Not sure which plan to choose? Looking for a live demo? Schedule a call with our team now.

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