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Securing capital is crucial for startups, and fundraising may take up the bulk of your time and effort. However, bear in mind that running a startup requires much more,  from managing equity to maintaining cap tables to networking and even recruiting. 

Though all this can feel overwhelming, equity management software is meant to help with these tasks. That said, given the staggering range of options available on the market for startups, where do you even begin?

Let’s examine two top equity management platforms—Shareworks and AngelList— and help you find the ideal equity management software for your startup.

First things first—what is equity management software?

Equity management software (also called cap table software) helps startups streamline all activities related to managing their equity (e.g. tracking shareholders). It also maintains their cap tables and ensures compliance with relevant regulations. 

Shareworks is an example of such software. With their commitment to delivering innovative and powerful solutions, their software helps startups both manage equity and drive workplace productivity. 

Likewise, AngelList is the best for startups. Their feature combines cap table management, business banking, and advisor equity grants into one service. AngelList’s fundraising process introduces startups to experienced investors and venture capitalists who can help review your business and approach.

Things to consider when choosing equity management software

There are countless viable choices in the market. To help you find the best fit for your needs, consider the following:

Easy to use

Is it easy to use?

Having countless features is great, but a truly valuable solution should also be extremely usable. Ensure that your solution of choice is easy to use, navigate, and learn about.

Scale and grow your startup

Will it scale with your startup’s growth?

Startups are constantly evolving, so it's crucial that your software can scale alongside your growth all the way from seed to series and beyond.

Provide support when you encounter issues

Will there be support for you when you encounter issues?

Given the complexity of equity management, it's crucial to choose software that provides professional support. This will help you resolve issues and avoid pitfalls.

Independent professionals advisors available

Does it come with independent professional advisors?

Appraisals often require the expertise of independent third-party professionals. To minimize risk, cost, and confusion, select software that is already partnered with such providers.

Fit reporting and compliance needs

Will it address your reporting and compliance needs?

A reputable equity management software places a high priority on compliance, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements from Form 3921 readiness to Rule 701 analysis.

Scenario modeling

Does it come with scenario modeling?

Make better decisions when signing and negotiating terms in your fundraising rounds or exit. A good equity management software should help you visualize how your current or upcoming convertible notes and SAFEs convert in scenario modeling.

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Shareworks vs AngelList


  • Onboarding: Swiftly onboard with AngelList’s transparent onboarding process to kickstart your startup’s equity management.
  • Customer support: Get experienced customer support with AngelList and quickly overcome any issue encountered.
  • Better exportability: AngelList’s ability to sync data sharing with existing systems can save time otherwise spent on laborious processes.
  Shareworks AngelList
Onboarding There is a lack of accessible information online regarding the duration of onboarding. Onboarding for AngelList takes 3-5 business days to complete.
Cap Table Health Check Shareworks does not offer cap table health checks. AngelList does not offer cap table health checks.
409A Valuation Shareworks conducts 409A valuations internally. AngelList’s 409A valuation is reserved for its highest tier users.
Expert Consultation Shareworks has a dedicated sales team readily available to offer product advice and guidance. Customer support is provided under AngelList’s Growth plan.
Sharing & Data Portability Shareworks’s tables are not easily exportable. AngelList users can sync seamlessly with their payroll and HRIS provider.

Why LTSE Equity?

LTSE Equity is motivated by one thing only: helping startups achieve their mission. Made by founders for founders, their solution provides a powerful suite of equity management solutions that cater to all startups.

TL;DR? LTSE Equity could be the one for you if you’re keeping an eye out for:

  • Instant onboarding: With LTSE Equity, users can choose between concierge and self-service onboarding. This means that within minutes, they can start migrating or building cap tables.
  • Unrestricted cap table health check: LTSE Equity offers annual cap table health checks across all plans.
  • Scenario modeling: LTSE Equity offers powerful scenario modeling capabilities, from visualizing how future fundraising impacts ownership structures to SAFEs conversion.

LTSE Equity FAQs

What makes LTSE Equity different from other platforms?

LTSE Equity is created by founders, for founders. Our full suite of equity management features reflects our real-life experience and insights, empowering your startup to prosper and endure.


How much does LTSE Equity cost?

Our pricing is strictly founder-friendly and scales as you grow. Our plans are also completely transparent, with no hidden costs or surprise price hikes.


Does LTSE Equity provide a free trial or demo?

Yes! Dive into our full-featured demo now and discover every benefit LTSE Equity has to offer—no sign-ups required.


How can I switch to LTSE Equity?

Simply send us your current spreadsheet or cap table, and we’ll get your details onboarded within a week.


How can I ask more questions about LTSE Equity?

Not sure which plan to choose? Looking for a live demo? Schedule a call with our team now.

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