Why LTSE Equity offered cap table software as a free public service

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A cap table is a fundamental right of founders, employees, and investors. We also understand that today's fundraising environment is more difficult than it was just a few months ago. That's why we've made our Basic tier 100% free for companies that have less than 10 stakeholders and have under $1M in funding. It comes with complimentary onboarding and a cap table health check — as a free public service by LTSE Equity. 

By offering our cap table software as a free public service, LTSE Equity helps startups save time, reduce administrative burden, and improve their ownership, equity data accuracy, and transparency.

Founding member of Open Cap Table Coalition

As a proud co-founder of the Open Cap Table Coalition, LTSE Equity makes it easy to import and export your table free of charge. Your cap table will immediately be Open Cap Table-compliant. 

The Open Cap Table Coalition comprises more than 50 members, including the top law firms and equity management providers. We strive to make cap table data management more portable, transparent, and interoperable. 

LTSE Equity has also been actively working with other coalition members to develop the first open-source capitalization table format to facilitate a more collaborative environment in capitalization data management. With this standardized format, building a cap table is no longer intimidating to founders.

The Open Cap Table Format (OCF) is an innovative data storage format that aims to become the go-to standard for sharing and receiving accurate capitalization table data. With the introduction of OCF, we have created a comprehensive technical documentation and a structured format that fosters cap table data communication among law firms, venture capital firms, and stakeholders.

Our pricing plans and features

LTSE Equity is one of the best cap table software created by founders for founders. Our founder-friendly features are tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. There are three pricing tiers available: Basic, Fundamental, and Boost.

Basic Plan

Our free Basic tier covers everything that most early-stage startups need to manage their equity. This basic plan is ideal for companies with up to 10 stakeholders and under $1M raised.

Our self-service solution enables you to work at your own pace. Need more support? We’re here to guide you through the process, or you can handle it all yourself. The choice is yours. No commitment or lock-in is needed.  

Fundamentals Plan

As our LTSE Equity customers grow their companies, we continually integrate feedback to help them scale smoothly. For those with 10 or more stakeholders, or who have raised over $1M in funding (congratulations!), Fundamentals supports your growth with more advanced cap table management features, including issuance, modeling, stock option plans, sharing, and more. 

Compared to the Basic tier, the Fundamentals plan offers more capabilities for equity administration, such as bulk security conversion, options issuance with integrated e-signature, stock plan document sets, stock class and plan amendments. It also has additional features for exit modeling with waterfall analysis.

Boost Plan

For Series A, Series B, and Series C+, our Boost plan includes everything you’ll find in Fundamentals along with annual 409A, additional compliance, and reporting features. We also offer one-time 409A valuations for startups that fall outside of our Boost plan. 

The Boost plan is our top tier, allowing you to add an unlimited number of stakeholders and access to audit log history. Additionally, it offers advanced compliance not found in other tiers, such as Rule 701 analysis and 409A valuations, as well as high-priority customer support

This is the structure that we've found works best to support sustainable growth wherever you are in your journey. Click here for more details.

A comparison of LTSE Equity's pricing plans for startups at all stages.
Choose a plan for your startups with our tiered pricing: Boost, Fundamental, or Basic

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