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Why you should be cautious about raising money

Ethan Kurzweil

Bessemer Ventures Partner, Ethan Kurzweil, on why raising too much money can hurt, too.

Who should get vesting acceleration?

LTSE Equity Team

A look at the types of acceleration and the market trends that surround each.

What type of equity should be issued to founders?

LTSE Equity Team

How founders are issued and own their shares.

What is your startup’s share price?

Ray Shan

The worth of your company’s stock may depend on who’s asking… and why.

What is vesting?

LTSE Equity Team

Vesting is a contractual mechanism by which a person earns the right to keep their company equity.

What is common stock?

LTSE Equity Team

Along with preferred shares, common stock is one of the main types of stock a company can issue.

What is an option pool?

LTSE Equity Team

It refers to the number of shares that a company sets aside to issue in the future.

What is a standard vesting schedule?

LTSE Equity Team

It's the provision that explains why most stock vests in four years with a one-year cliff.

What is a liquidation preference?

LTSE Equity Team

A look at this feature of preferred stock that specifies how much the holder is entitled to be paid.

What is a capitalization table?

LTSE Equity Team

A critical snapshot of who holds what securities of a company at a given time.

What is a 409A valuation?

LTSE Equity Team

How to assess a company's value in order to set the price of common stock shares.

The metrics that should be in your pitch deck

LTSE Equity Team

A guide to understanding the measures that compel investors to invest in startups.

Real advice for founders from VC partners

LTSE Equity Team

Tips on pitching investors from partners at Benchmark, NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, and Accel.

Raising U.S. funding as an international startup

Justin Kan

One important question—and seven steps to get on the path to fundraising in the U.S.

How to raise a seed round

LTSE Equity Team

From gauging your readiness to refining your narrative, this guide can help.

How to improve your startup valuation

LTSE Equity Team

Your term sheet provides a foundation for future rounds of financing. Here's how to get it right.

How SAFEs will convert at Series A

Pavitra Bhalla

How to raise more money with less dilution.

Fundraising and rejections with Reddit’s Co-founder and CEO, Steve Huffman

LTSE Equity Team

Co-founder and CEO of Reddit Steve Huffman shares tips on running and building a startup.

Five fundraising mistakes—and how to avoid them

LTSE Equity Team

Lessons from founders they wish they had known themselves.

Demo Day tips from past YC founders

LTSE Equity Team

What founders wish they had known.

Can I pay for stock with intellectual property?

LTSE Equity Team

You can pay for shares with your invention. Here are some considerations that come into play.

Ashton Kutcher: How (and why) I invest in startups

Ashton Kutcher

A lot of people ask me how I choose to invest in startups. Here's my formula.

A 4-step plan for the startup stock option process

Marcus Gosling

Get the process correct from the start to avoid mistakes later.