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The Mercury Playbook: How to Build a Flexible Financial Stack from Day One

Immad Akhund

For the first piece of our two-part series, we sat down with Immad Akhund, Co-founder and CEO of Mercury, to explore his best financial practices for early-stage founders.

Hypothesis Validation 101: The Clubhouse Guide for Testing Frameworks

John Milinovich

We sat down with John Milinovich, Head of Discovery Product at Clubhouse, to dive into some best practices for startups building from zero. 

The Seedscout Playbook: How to Thrive in a Market Downturn

Mat Sherman

Given the current state of the markets, our team at LTSE sat down with Seedscout Founder Mat Sherman to unpack how early-stage founders can successfully thrive in the current downturn.

Your First Go-to-Market Hire: Who to Choose and What to Look Out For

Tiho Bajic

At some point in your startup journey, you’re going to need to hire your first go-to-market (or commercial) leader. This individual will be responsible for generating customer revenue. Here's what to look for.

Q&A with Segment: Keys to growth

Peter Reinhardt

Segment co-founder, Peter Reinhardt, on the early days, finding product-market fit, and fundraising.

Product pricing for startups: value metrics

Patrick Campbell

Strategies for pricing your products, starting with a primer on value metrics from ProfitWell's CEO.

How YouTube nearly became another dating site

Steve Chen

YouTube founder Steve Chen on how he started the company, how he scaled it, and the Google deal.