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The Gunderson Playbook: Why Founders Should Prioritize ESG Early On

Natalie Pierce

We sat down with Natalie Pierce, Gunderson's Chair of Labor & Employment Practice, to deep dive into ESG’s growing prominence.

How Startups Can Get Ahead of Legal Bottlenecks with Wilson Sonsini's David Wang

David Wang

We sat down with David Wang, Chief Innovation Officer at Wilson Sonsini, to learn how founders can find the right law firm to secure their business.

Your guide to founder equity while using convertible notes and SAFEs

Tiho Bajic

More than 70% of founders said they care about their own personal equity, but over half of those founders also said they didn’t know how to maintain their founder equity and incorporate it into the startup’s greater equity strategy.

Your guide to cap tables as a busy founder

LTSE Equity Team

This five recognizable stages of startup growth and the cap table related ‘stuff’ that you need to care about at each stage.

Founder’s guide to the pre-IPO secondary market

LTSE Equity Team

What to know about selling your stock to back your company or another buyer before going public.

Founder’s guide to selling your startup

Justin Kan

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan on how to navigate through the acquisition process.

Founder’s guide to fundraising

Justin Kan

Techniques from serial entrepreneur Justin Kan to produce the best fundraising results.

Founder’s guide to allocating co-founder equity

Justin Kan

Put your company in position to attract talent, garner investment capital, and build teams.

Founder's guide to the Y Combinator interview

Justin Kan

Tips from Justin Kan on convincing the partners that you're a founder who can build a big business.

Founder’s guide to productive board meetings

Justin Kan

Take control of these meetings by laying down the ground rules of how they’re run.

A founder’s guide to navigating consumer privacy laws

Anashe Barton

Thanks to a trio of recently enacted privacy laws, businesses in the U.S. and around the world have a series of obligations when it comes to handling the personal information of consumers.