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3 Ways to Diversify Your Hiring Pool with 500 Global’s Head of ESG Tracy Barba

Tracy Barba

To tactically diversify your next hiring pool, we sat down with Tracy Barba, the Global Head of ESG and Stakeholder Engagement at 500 Global.

Making the Startup Leap: Understanding your startup stock options

Ryan Logue

Startup equity continues to be one of the most powerful hiring tools available. If you are thinking about making the leap and are trying to get your head around likely outcomes, our team at LTSE Equity wanted to give you a head start.

How your 409A valuation will affect your employees

LTSE Equity Team

A 409A valuation is an assessment of the fair market value of a private company’s common stock, done by independent appraiser. The 409A is important because it determines the strike price, which is a set price at which you can provide stock options to your employees. 

How to set up your first option pool

LTSE Equity Team

It’s important for founders to understand the most beneficial way to set up an option pool to maintain as much personal equity as possible. Yet, when we surveyed almost 500 founders in our early 2022 report, we found that more than half don’t know how to prioritize maintaining their founder equity and liquidity. Let’s change that.

You have one shot to diversify your option pool

LTSE Equity Team

A lot of people ask me how I choose to invest in startups. Here's our formula.

What is at-will employment?

LTSE Equity Team

The default rule in the United States between an employer and employee.

Can my company have unpaid interns?

LTSE Equity Team

The 7-factor test to determine the primary beneficiary of interns at a for-profit company.

7 tips for creating a good candidate experience

LTSE Equity Team

Examples of ways to make the interview process beneficial for everyone.

3 common challenges in engineering management

Will Larson

An Elegant Puzzle author, Will Larson, on ways to handle the challenges engineering managers face.

3 alternatives to layoffs in a crisis

Tiho Bajic

How founders treat people now will affect perceptions of the company in the post-pandemic world.