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Transform your business and awaken the imagination of investors with a comprehensive cap table strategy.

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Expert support

Team up with experienced experts who can guide you through complex equity issues, ensuring your company remains compliant and ready to fundraise.

Founder friendly

Choose from affordable and transparent pricing plans designed to grow with you. Our pricing structure is easy to understand, so you know exactly what you are paying for and can budget accordingly.

Easy to use

Set up your cap table within minutes or our team can help you easily migrate from another platform. Then start planning for the next fundraise, board meeting or hire right away.

Go beyond the cap table

Your startup is so much more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. LTSE Equity stays with you across your entire journey — so you never have to go it alone.

Empower your employees with equity

A startup's success is based on its employees. With LTSE Equity, you can create vesting schedules for securities, issue stock options effortlessly, and stay compliant with tax and legal requirements.
Startup equity is one of the most powerful hiring tools available.
ryan logue
Head of Private Market Solutions for LTSE Equity Services

409A valuations made easy

Get your audit-defensible 409A valuation from LTSE Equity. Our process is safe, trusted, and transparent, so you can confidently begin awarding stock options.
I love conducting cap table diagnostics for smoother 409A valuations.
Anashe barton
Senior Manager of Customer Success, LTSE Equity

Growth-stage experts, one click away

Securing capital is no easy feat. From optimizing your cap table ahead of meetings with the board and investors to strategizing fundraising solutions for Series A, B, and C+, LTSE Equity Boost subscribers get direct access to an experienced team of experts who can help guide your startup journey.
I've helped hundreds of startups think strategically about fundraising.
tiho bajic
CEO, LTSE Equity

“I would pick LTSE Equity over Carta again and again."

CEO, Reality Platforms

“The LTSE team is outstanding. They made switching seamless.”

Co-founder and CEO, Better & Better

“The way LTSE is mission-driven is absolutely important.”

Founder and CEO, Paystand

“The customer support team is incredible!”

CEO, Tenyks

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